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Acrobatic flying near Prague


Acrobatic flying Prague

Acrobatic flying Prague

Acrobatic flying Prague

Acrobatic flying Prague

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Are sightseeing flights a bit ordinary for you? If you´re looking for an aerial experience on a higher level, acrobatic flying is the right experience for you - although it might make you a tad dizzy...
After a short preparatory session, you will get into a special jumpsuit with a safety parachute and get settled next to an experienced pilot. And then the engines start and we are ready for takeoff! Up there you will enjoy an acrobatic flight with all those sharp maneuvers, nosedives, supine flying, tailspins and other tricks, that look so risky from the ground. And you´ll get to know what they´re like when you´re a part of this acrobatic stunt.
In the acrobatic aircraft, there's space for just two people - you and the pilot - so your fear has to stay on the ground, sorry. So, are you flying with us?

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You should arrive approximately 30 minutes before the flight. After a short briefing and commentary on the flight, it is time to board the plane. The flight lasts for 15 minutes, and you get to experience sharp turns, rolls and dives and get to know what we mean by "acrobatic".

General Conditions

Acrobatic flights are intended only for adults.

Weather conditions

We fly in all weather conditions, and we only cancel flights in case of storms and severe weather.


The acrobatic flight lasts for 15 minutes. Total time, including pre-flight preparations, airplane check and the flight itself, is approximately 1 hour.

Participants and Spectators

This activity is designed for 1 person. Viewers are welcome to watch and they can wait at the airport, take photos or shoot videos.

Dress recommendations

There are no specific clothing requirements. In colder weather, it is necessary to dress warmly. We recommend wearing sunglasses if the sunshine is intense.



Letiště Příbram - Dlouhá Lhota

How to get there

TAXI / Car

This activity takes place on the airfield south of Prague. You can get there by car in about 30 minutes. For details please see Google maps here.

Distance from Prague centre: 60km, travel time: around 50 minutes,

TAXI price is about 30 EUR (cca 800,- CZK) from Prague centre.

Public transport

This activity takes place on airfield not serviced by public transport.

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