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Boeing 737 simulator in Prague


Boeing 737 flight simulator Prague

Boeing 737 flight simulator Prague

Boeing 737 flight simulator Prague

Boeing 737 flight simulator Prague

Boeing 737 flight simulator Prague

Boeing 737 flight simulator Prague

Boeing 737 flight simulator Prague

Boeing 737 flight simulator Prague

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The famous Boeing 737 NG is an aircraft designed for short and medium-haul flights that has become the most popular airliner of all time. Now you have the opportunity to act as a pilot of this giant plane - take off, operate the flight and then land safely while keeping the passengers in one piece.

The Boeing 737 simulator is an exact replica of the original cockpit and part of the fuselage. A sophisticated system takes care of realistic visualization and simulations of the weather, air traffic and behavior of the aircraft.

Choose between a swift 30-minute flight or a longer 60-minute haul. Your friends can rate the comfiness of the flight under your command from especially reserved seats in the “business class” of the Boeing.

A professional pilot will guide you through the pre-flight necessities and teach you how to start and operate the engines. Then it´s take off time! The Boeing 737 simulator will let you reach a maximum speed od 270 km/h and let you maneuver the plane without the help of computers. And that may lead to some serious situations…

Will you manage a safe landing on one of the 24 000 airports of the world? We think you should try!

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Try out how it feels to be the captain of a true replica of the cockpit of Boeing 737 New Generation. You will undergo briefing with a professional pilot, start engines and accelerate. Once you reach speed about 270 km/h, you will pull the pilot yoke and feel the momentum seventy-ton aircraft in the air. The instructor will explain the steps in flight and assist you in managing all the switches. Computers do not intervene in the proceedings at pilot error and let you perform any maneuvers. Therefore, you can get into more serious situations, and experience a true adrenaline, not only during the takeoff, but also when landing - you can choose from more than 24,000 airports in the world.

General Conditions

Simulator flight can be performed by any person over the age of 14. The minimum required height of participant is 160 cm so you could reach the pedals from your seat.

Weather conditions

Indoor activity.


Total activity time is about one hour. Flight duration is 60 minutes (including briefing). After that, you can check some more simulators, including Formula 1 and WWII U-BOAT.

Participants and Spectators

This activity is designed for one person. Up to 3 spectators are allowed and they will be seated in two rows of business class seats just behind you.

Dress recommendations

There is no special dress needed. Just wear something comfortable. Please note, that you will have to use pedals, so wearing suitable shoes would be a good idea (no high heels or flip-flops.)

Additional information

You can buy a video record of the entire flight for 490,- CZK after the activity.


Praha 5, Na Radosti 399

How to get there

TAXI / Car

This activity takes place on the outskirt of Prague. Best way how to get there is by car. See detils on Google maps.

CAR: Distance from Prague centre: 13km, travel time: around 25 minutes.

TAXI price is under 10 EUR (cca 250,- CZK) from Prague centre.

Public transport

It is easy to get to the place by using Subway line "B" and than have short 10 minutes walk. See more on Google maps.

Travel time: around 35 minutes, Ticket price: 1,5 EUR (32,-CZK) per ticket.

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