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Bungee jumping from a bridge


Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

Bungee jumping from bridge

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Bungee jumping is one of the most extreme sports out there, and certainly, among the most popular adrenaline activities, you can ever experience. A little bit of excitement can be exactly what you need during your visit to the Czech Republic. Just standing on the sidelines, clearing your head, taking the plunge and enjoying the free fall… This is the best way to make memories that will remain with you for a long time after your holiday.

At 62 meters, the bridge over the valley of Hačka river is the highest place in the Czech Republic, where Bungee Jumping can be performed. Another option is to jump from 48m high Zvikov bridge over the Vltava river.

It might sound surprising, but this adrenaline sport, despite its apparent risk, is very safe. You will be guided by our bungee team, a group of skilled professionals and adventurers with thousands of successfully executed jumps.


Transport included in the price. Book now only with a deposit, and pay the balance later on the spot.

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The program consists of picking you up at selected place in Prague, driving you to the location in Chomutov, jump itself and transport back to Prague.

Please let us know where you want to be picked up. We will contact you anyway, but it is much easier for us to plan your experience.

General Conditions

Jumps can be performed by both adults and children (at least 15 years old). Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or have a parental consent to perform the jump. The minimal height is 120 cm, minimal weight is 40 kg. The jump cannot be performed if the weight of the participant exceeds 160 kg. Before the activity start, you have to confirm to the bungee team the following:

• You are in a good health condition and do not have any health problems that may be negatively influenced by bungee jumping, such as heart problems; pregnancy; high blood pressure; circulatory problems; physical movement limitations; eye illness; neurological problems, etc.
• You understand that the jump is performed at your own risk.
• You are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or any medicine that could impair your judgment.
• You will strictly follow the bungee team instructions.

Weather conditions

This is an all-weather activity.


The jump takes about 15 minutes. As the area is quite far from Prague, it can take up to 4 hours in total (including transport).

Participants and Spectators

The jump is performed by one person at the time. You are welcome to invite some friends to encourage you but we do not provide transport for them! 

Dress recommendations

We recommend wearing tight sportswear for bungee jumping. Glasses or contact lenses are not an obstacle, but jewelry, especially earrings, are not recommended.



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