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The Enigma escape room in Prague


The Enigma escape room in Prague

The Enigma escape room in Prague

The Enigma escape room in Prague

The Enigma escape room in Prague

The Enigma escape room in Prague

The Enigma escape room in Prague

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Embark on a top secret World War II mission and experience the Enigma escape room in Prague. Take your best friends - you will need them. The Enigma military mission will take you straight to the enemy's headquarters as a war prisoner. Try your best, because you only have 60 minutes to escape.


There's a lot at stake. You and your team can change the result of the war. Your mission is to steal the enemy's plans for their new submarine. Use your wits, your teamwork and just anything there is because you're fighting not only for your lives but for the lives of countless others and for the history to take the right turn.


Enter the exit game Enigma, enjoy the adrenaline rush of adventure and have fun with your friends.


Embark on the secret Enigma mission!


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You are on a military mission in the times of WW2. Your task is to steal the plans of a new type of submarine to be built with a freshly developed high-technology weapon from the headquarters of enemy forces. But the enemy base is a fortress, no way to move out unnoticed. You will have to use your logic and creativity to escape the room. Can you complete the mission on time?  

General Conditions

Recommended for players older than 15 years. Not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia.

Weather conditions

The game takes place inside and does not depend on the weather. 


You have the limit of 60 minutes to finish the game. However, you can play it even faster.

Participants and Spectators

Designed for a group of 2 players. Viewers have no access to the game. 

Dress recommendations

No special clothing is recommended, but wear something comfortable for the game.

Additional information

The game is completely safe and there is no real danger. 


Praha 2, Tyršova 1833/9

How to get there

TAXI / Car

This activity takes place near city centre, we recommend you to get taxi there.

CAR: Distance from Prague centre: 4 km, travel time: around 20 minutes.

TAXI price should be round 6-7 EUR (just over 150,- CZK) from very centre.

Public transport

It is easy to get to the restaurant by public transport. See Google Maps.

Travel time: around 10 minutes, ticket price: 1 EUR (24,-CZK) per ticket

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