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Escape room game in Prague´s fallout shelter


Escape room Prague

Escape room Prague

Escape room Prague

Escape room Prague

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ActiveCzech.com brings you great escape game in Prague. You´ll get locked up in a fallout shelter with a vicious murderer observing your every step. Invite a group of friends for this thrilling experience where time really matters - you have just 1 hour to get out using only your wits and teamwork spirit.

So what are the escape room rules? You can enter the shelter with at least one of your buddies, or invite up to 5 more people. The game is recommended for players over 15 years old that don´t get nervous when staying in limited spaces for a longer period of time. No claustrofobics please! This is going to be a test of psychical endurance and the ability to remain calm and constructive.

But in the end it´s just a game - no real danger, just fun and something unusual to enjoy in Prague apart from the typical sightseeing martyrdom.

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Once the door of former atomic shelter closes behind you, one hour countdown starts for you to escape from imminent danger. During this escape game you must use logical thinking and cooperate with your teammates. It is not so much about your knowledge and skills, but rather your ability to involve common sense, awareness and teamwork.

General Conditions

Recommended for players older than 15 years. Not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia.

Weather conditions

Indoor activity. 


You have the limit of 60 minutes to finish the game. However, you can play it even faster.

Participants and Spectators

Designed for a group of 2-5 players. Viewers have no access to the game. 

Dress recommendations

No special clothing is recommended, but wear something comfortable for the game.

Additional information

The game is completely safe and there is no real danger. 


Please note that entrance to this activity is in the tenement house. For Streetview click here


Praha 10, Karpatská 6

How to get there

TAXI / Car

As this activity takes place near city centre, we recommend you to get taxi there rather than going by car, as you can find it difficult to find parking space.

TAXI price is under 10 EUR (cca 250,- CZK) from Prague centre.

Public transport

This activity takes place near Prague centre and is easily accessible by public transport. For details see Google maps.

Travel time: around 20 minutes, Ticket price: 1 EUR (24,-CZK) per ticket.

On foot

If you like walking, you can get to this activity easily on foot.  It should take you less than hour to get there from city centre. See Google Maps.

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