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Fighter jet L-29 Delfin flight experience


Fighter jet experience
Fighter jet experience
Fighter jet experience
Fighter jet experience
Fighter jet experience
Fighter jet experience

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Now this is something for picky adrenaline gourmets. If you´re looking for a flying experience, go for the best one: Fly in a fighter jet!


We´re offering you a test training lesson in the L-29 Delfin fighter, a practise fighter plane used by the military air force for training fighter pilots.It can reach the speed of 422 mph (680 km/h) at horizontal flight and 534 mph (860 km/h) at vertical flight - a velocity you could hardly ever imagine and even rarely experience first-hand. Yet, now you can seat yourself in the cockpit and really live this out.

The programme of the jet fighter flight comprises of your pre-flight preparation, instructing, lending the pilot´s equipment and the flight itself, all under the tutelage of fighter plane ex-pilots and long-time flying instructors.
So set towards a lifetime experience - headlong, of course.

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After quick interview of your health conditions you will get some information about the plane and the instuctions for the flight. Then you will be given all necessary gear and equipment and we will help you to get dressed.

We’ll present you with the L-29 Delfin at the airport. The pilot will show you the cockpit and the instruments. You can expect a memorable take-off and aerial aerobatics. The maximum airspeed will be 650 km/h!  After you get used to the reactions of the plane, you can fully enjoy the feeling of fighter pilot on your own. The difficulty level and the flight program can be discussed with the pilot and modified according to your desires and physical condition.

Aerobatic maneuvers during the flight: turns, looping, rolling, zero-g, loss of speed, steep climbs, steep dives, low passes, and more…

General Conditions

L-29 flight can be performed by any person age 15 or more. Person between 15 and 18 year can perform the flight only with parental approval.

Weather conditions

Jet flight is all weather activity, but ideal is to fly in sunny and clear weather.

The flight may be cancelled if weather conditions are too dangerous and flight control does not authorize the take-off.


Flight duration is 15 minutes. The total duration is about 2 hours (including Dressing up, pre-flight briefing with experienced fighter pilots + the actual flight + after-flight briefing).

Participants and Spectators

This activity is for one person, as the L-29 is a two-seat aircraft and the second person onboard is the professional jet fighter pilot. 

Up to 4 spectators are welcome. They can stay in dedicated area on the airport and take photos or film the activity.

Dress recommendations

You will be given pilot gear. The cockpit of the L-29 Delfin is air-conditioned. On really sunny days you are recommended to take good sunglasses with UV filter.


Letiště Brno - Tuřany

How to get there

TAXI / Car

It is easiest to get to Brno airport by car from Prague. All the way is on the highway. For details see Google maps.

CAR:Distance from Prague centre: 200 km, travel time: around 2 hours

TAXI:Price for taxi from Prague to Brno is highly over 100 EUR.

Public transport

It is possible to go to Brno by bus and/or train and then go by public transport (bus nr. 76 to station "Letiště Tuřany"). See Google maps here.

Travel time: around 3 hours, Ticket price cca 10,- EUR (eguals 300,-CZK) 

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