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Formula 1 simulator experience in Prague


Formula 1 simulator experience Prague

Formula 1 simulator experience Prague

Formula 1 simulator experience Prague

Formula 1 simulator experience Prague

Formula 1 simulator experience Prague

Formula 1 simulator experience Prague

Formula 1 simulator experience Prague

Formula 1 simulator experience Prague

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The Formula 1 simulator experience will put you in the shoes of a real sports car racer for 30 or 60 minutes - your choice. You can race on your own with virtual competitors or invite a bunch of friends and compare your circuit times.The driving simulator is really accurate - you´ll sit in a Ferrari 1 monopost, where you can adjust the pedals and steering wheel for maximum performance and comfortable seating. The dashboard looks like in a real Formula 1 and a 5-meter wide rounded screen completes the perfect illusion. Add a powerful subwoofer behind the seat and in minutes you won´t feel any difference from reality.

Go for this great Formula 1 simulator experience, choose your racing team and conquer all the famous circuits of the world.

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After arrival you will get familiar with the operation of the simulator and with a range of tracks, then you will sit in a closed cockpit in the colors of Ferrari or Red Bull. There you set a distance by electric pedal, putting on a helmet with built-in intercom and grab a replica Ferrari F1 steering wheel. A feeling of real driving in Formula 1 is enhanced not only by a huge subwoofer speakers hidden behind the seat in the cockpit, but also by five meters wide semi-circular projection with three projectors in high distinction. During a 30-minute drive you get acquainted with the behavior of a Formula 1 car for one to two circuits..

General Conditions

Simulator drive can be performed by any person age 14 or more. Minimum required height of participant is 160 cm so you could reach the pedals from your seat.

Weather conditions

Activity is indoor, so it is not limited by weather.


Total activity time is about one hour. Driving duration is 30 minutes (including briefing). And if you are interested, you can check some more simulators.

Participants and Spectators

This activity is designed for one person. Up to 3 spectators are allowed to be in simulator room. 

Dress recommendations

There is no special dress needed. Just wear something comfortable. 


Praha 5, Na Radosti 399

How to get there

TAXI / Car

This activity takes place on the outskirt of Prague. Best way how to get there is by car. See detils on Google maps.

CAR: Distance from Prague centre: 13km, travel time: around 25 minutes.

TAXI price is under 10 EUR (cca 250,- CZK) from Prague centre.

Public transport

It is easy to get to the place by using Subway line "B" and than have short 10 minutes walk. See more on Google maps.

Travel time: around 35 minutes, Ticket price: 1,5 EUR (32,-CZK) per ticket.

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