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Free movies in Prague


Free movies in Prague

Free movies in Prague

Free movies in Prague

Free movies in Prague

Looking for culture tips? How about European cinema? Relax on a free movie night every 2nd Wednesday in Evropský dům in Jungmannova street.


European movies and unconventional movies, to be more specific, form a traditional part of Prague culture. The cinema of Evropský dům offers a wide range of genres, topics and filmmaking methods.


If you’re planning what to do in Prague on a Wednesday night explore this refreshing alternative to mainstream movies. The screenings start every 2nd Wednesday at 19:00. Come early to make sure you get a seat. The cinema opens 30 minutes before the screening.


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Prague, Jungmannova 745/24

How to get there

On foot

Easily accessible by walk, this venue is in the city centre close to Wenceslas square.

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