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Hot air balloon family trip


Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

Hot air balloon family trip

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Surprise your family with an extraordinary family trip in a hot air balloon. Enjoy the sightseeing flight with all the convenient services including transportation from and to your Prague hotel to make it the most comfortable and pleasant family outing.

Enjoy the wide eyed astonishment of your kids watching the historical and nature sights from the air. Choose the flight location for your hot air balloon experience and see either Karlštejn castle or Chateau Konopiště with its surrounding hunting area with wild animals, the beautiful countryside of Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise).

Your hot air balloon flight further includes refreshments before boarding, drinks and wifi connection on board and full insurance coverage. You will receive safety briefing from our experienced pilot and professional guidance during the flight.

Enjoy the amazing scenery and a unique family trip you will remember. A small souvenir is waiting for your family after landing: You will receive a commemorating aviator’s certificate.

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Take your family for sunrise view. What is a better way to enjoy your family holiday than by exploring the world together from a balloon basket?

Two adults with two kids up to 18 years of age can take an advantage of this offer!

Touch the sky from a hot air balloon! Enjoy the views of historical castles, wild nature and other panoramas of the Czech Republic, 3 000 feet above the ground. You will see one of the signature locations, 40–60 km out of Prague for a sunrise flight.

Our nice and cozy balloon baskets are for 4 people, in case of a bigger group, 2 balloons are available. 

Price includes:

 Free transport from your Prague hotel and back, pick up at your hotel

• Five stars services, refreshments before boarding and sparkling wine ceremony after landing

• Safety briefing before the flight and full insurance coverage

• Onboard guidance by our professional pilots (languages: English, Czech, Russian)

• Free Wifi connection on board

• Commemorative aviator’s certificate

• Professional photos from your flight


Standard flights are always operated at one of these destinations: 

• Chateau Konopiste (National Cultural Monument) - let´s see that nice castle or some deer, stags and wild pigs from the air

• Bohemian Paradise (European Geopark) - views of historical castle ruins, romantic chateaux, and rock creations 

• Castle of Karlstejn - one of the most visited monuments in Czech

General Conditions

Passenger younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Height: min. 120 cm (3,9 ft). 

Weight max. 110 kg. In case of exceeding this limit, extra charges may apply.

In case of medical issues, please contact our office.

For safety reasons, pregnant women, persons with serious health issues or under significant alcohol or drug influence may not fly.

Weather conditions

The flights can be cancelled according to bad weather (i.e. in a storm, in strong wind >7m/s, in no wind <1m/s or in strong rain, snow and frost). From November to March flights only on request. 


Flight time between 60-80 min., entire activity of 3-4 hours incl. transport 

Participants and Spectators

It is designed for a family - 2 adults and 2 kids up to 18, or 3 adults. No spectators possible.

Dress recommendations

No need to overdress, the temperature during the flight is the same as it is on the ground. Solid shoes essential, no high heels or slippers, please.



Konopiště/ Bohemian Paradise or other destinations

How to get there

TAXI / Car

Transport included in price.

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Hot air balloon flight

Hot air balloon flight

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