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Kamov helicopter simulator in Prague


Kamov helicopter simulator Prague

Kamov helicopter simulator Prague

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This helicopter simulator experience imitating a mission with a Kamov Ka-50 helicopter is not far from the real thing, even though it has simplified controls. The latest model of the Motion Sim simulator can bank up to 50 degrees to the side, turn round its own axis and create an acceleration of 2G due to four 750W motors. Not something for a weak stomach. A high-definition screen and a series of subwoofers will complete the atmosphere of the so called “flying fortress”.Choose form a 30 or 60-minute flight simulator experience and enjoy the guidance of skilled army instructors who will teach you how to take off, pilot the helicopter and safely land on a virtual heliport.    

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During the 30-minute program you practice piloting and landing at the heliport under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Simulator uses simplified control of this "flying fortress" twin-engine helicopter Kamov Ka-5. Tilts in all directions by 50 °, lift platforms of 50 cm and a rotation around its own axis, visualization and sound 5 + 1 with a powerful subwoofer under the seat ensures the true adrenaline of flying.

During the visit youcan also try 7 other flight simulators, race-car simulators and WWII U-BOAT simulator..

General Conditions

Simulator flight can be performed by any person age 14 or more. Required height is 150 to 200 cm and maximum weight is 120 kg.

Weather conditions

Activity is indoor, so it is not limited by weather.


Total activity time is about one hour. Flight duration is 30 minutes (including briefing). And if you are interested, you can check some more simulators, including Formula 1 and WWII U-BOAT.

Participants and Spectators

This activity is for one person. Up to 3 spectators are allowed to be present in simulator room. 

Dress recommendations

There is no special dress needed. Just wear something comfortable. 

Additional information

You can buy flight video record for 490,- CZK after the activity.


Praha 5, Na Radosti 399

How to get there

TAXI / Car

This activity takes place on the outskirt of Prague. Best way how to get there is by car. See detils on Google maps.

CAR: Distance from Prague centre: 13km, travel time: around 25 minutes.

TAXI price is under 10 EUR (cca 250,- CZK) from Prague centre.

Public transport

It is easy to get to the place by using Subway line "B" and than have short 10 minutes walk. See more on Google maps.

Travel time: around 35 minutes, Ticket price: 1,5 EUR (32,-CZK) per ticket.

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