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Whirlpool and champagne for 2 in Prague chateau


Romantic whirpool for couple

Romantic whirpool for couple

Romantic whirpool for couple

Romantic whirpool for couple

Romantic whirpool for couple

Romantic whirpool for couple

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Love bubbles? Make it double and jump in a fizzy whirlpool with a glass of sparkling wine and your partner. Looking for romantic things to do on your holidays in Prague? Come relax to a spa in the luxury privacy of a Prague chateau.

Enjoy a hot tub for 2 in intimate candlelight with a perfectly chilled bottle of sparkling wine. Relax your muscles and release all the stress. The whirlpool will treat you to different kinds of massages. Choose the one that feels the best and control the jets yourself.

Rejuvenate in a private sauna and get all the toxins out of your body.  

You can order refreshment any time by phone.


Enjoy a romantic spa at a Prague chateau.

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Private chateau whirlpool provides undisturbed meditation for couples. You can try different types of hydro-massages at the individually operated seats. A part of the private whirlpool is a spacious shower and a comfortable seating. There is a sound system in the whole area.

Whirlpool full body massage is a perfect relaxation in water. While staying in the whirlpool, where the water reaches body temperature, you release tense muscular system, activate muscles, stabilize blood pressure and pulse rate, enhance cardiac function and ease sore back. Individual jets will massage your body and your worries will gradually flow off in the swirling water.

Refreshments can be ordered at any time with internal phone line. In addition to refreshing drinks we offer quality experiential wines and light snacks from the chateau kitchen.

The price includes:

 - private whirlpool (50 min)
 - 1 bottle of a sparkling wine

General Conditions

Activity is for both men and women from 15 years.

Weather conditions

This activity is indoor, so there is no dependance on weather.


The private whirlpool takes 50 minutes.

Participants and Spectators

Activity is for two people. Please keep in mind that the private whirlpool is quite intimate activity.

Audience participants not possible - due to the nature and procedures to ensure confidentiality and the convenience of the customer.

Dress recommendations:

There is no need of clothing. Bathrobe, towel and toiletries will be lent on the site.



Praha 4 - Krč, Před Nádražím 1/6

How to get there

TAXI / Car


Site of this activity is easily accessible by car. There is no problem with parking nearby. Distance from Prague centre: 10km, travel time: around 20 minutes.

TAXI: Alternatively you can use taxi to get there. Price is cca 10,-EUR (equals 270,- CZK) from city centre.


Public transport

The chateau is accessible by public transport. Check Google Maps for details.

Travel time: around 25 minutes, price: 1,5 EUR (32,-CZK) per ticket

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