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A medieval tavern in todays Prague


Medieval tavern Prague

Medieval tavern Prague

Medieval tavern Prague

Medieval tavern Prague

Medieval tavern Prague

Medieval tavern Prague

Medieval tavern Prague

Medieval tavern Prague

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Hop onto our time machine and travel back to the medieval times (1471 to be precise) with this unique culinary experience. Sit down at massive wooden tables and wait for the housemaids in medieval outfits to take your order. Will you choose the duck covered in honey and gingerbread? Or a deer cooked on wine and apples? There are much more authentic recipes from the middle ages that are waiting for you to taste.


And what feast would it be without music, dancing and wine? Musicians, jugglers and dancers will spice up the evening and fill your jug with beer, fine wines, mead or the celtic korma. Mercenaries will join the party too and it´s quite sure they might provoke yet another pub fight. So roll up your sleeves and dig into these delicious medieval meals. Eat with your hands and throw the bones over your back - just like our ancestors did back then.

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All-you-can-eat consumation from bellow listed menu. As it is medieval tavern style, you are allowed to eat with your hands, throw bones under the table, mess around. During the dinner you will be entertained by pub skirmish, fire show, fortune teller, dancers and more.


• duck with honey, sprinkled with gingerbread
• haunch of venison in red wine with baked apples
• chicken wings roast on fire
• marinated spareribs
• ham
• old Czech "Kuba" with mushrooms
• cinnamon pancakes
• soup and vegetables with homemade bread
• cheese platter with grapes and walnuts

Drinks: beer, wine, korma (beverage of Celtic origin), honey, homemade brandy, tea, juice, cider and water

General Conditions

Please note, that no alcohol will be served to the customers under age of 18. Also check the menu for any food you may be allergic for.

Weather Conditions

The activity is indoor, so it is not dependent on weather.


Our guests usually stay for 3-4 hours.

Dress recommendation

There is no special dress code for medieval tavern.


Praha 2, Čermákova 7

How to get there

TAXI / Car

Place of this activity is easilly accesible by car. Please note that you can have problems to find free parking space there.

Public transport

This activity takes place in the city centre, so it is easilly accesible by public transport. The pub is nearby tram station Jana Masaryka for lines 4, 22, 57 and 59.

Travel time: around 10 minutes, Ticket price: 1 EUR (32,-CZK) per ticket.

On foot

If you like walking, you can get to this activity easily on foot. See Google maps from city centre. It should take you under 20 minutes to get there from city centre.

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Next available date: 25/05/2022

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