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Follow your movie star in Prague


Follow your movie star in Prague

Follow your movie star in Prague

Follow your movie star in Prague

Follow your movie star in Prague

Ever dreamed of watching Liam Neeson at work in Hollywood? Or Daniel Craig shooting James Bond? Follow your favourite movie stars in Prague.


The beautiful countryside and historical architecture of the Czech Republic along with professional film staff have been attracting Hollywood filmmakers for decades. Retrace the footsteps of a famous film star you admire and discover the photogenic film locations of Hellboy, The Illusionist or the classic musical Amadeus by Miloš Forman or many others.


Check out www.zemefilmu.cz/en/ where you can find film locations of famous movies shot in the Czech Republic and interesting tips for film trips in Prague, Karlovy Vary and all around the country. Or download the mobile application Czech Film Trips to be your guide.


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