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Royal Thai massage in Prague


Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague - Italská

Royal Thai massage Prague - Italská

Royal Thai massage Prague

Royal Thai massage Prague

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Are you looking for the best massage in Prague? The Royal Thai massage provided at the Tawan massage studio will perfectly and overally regenerate your whole organism. This massage excellently combines the art of the traditional Thai massage with an ancient healing method, which is based on positioning of heated herbal sacks on energy flow paths on one´s body.

And how does it work? At first, the skilled masseuse will give you a classic Thai massage in order to eliminate stiffness and tightness of the muscles and joints and to stimulate the natural blood circulation. Now the body is prepared for the subsequent therapy, when the pre-heated herbal sacks are being placed to weary parts of your body. The sacks are filled up with Thai herbs and spices, which tone your body and ease stress. On top of that, the herbal sacks guarantee physical and mental relaxation for a long time after the massage has ended.

Decide whether you want to relish this royal care alone or with your partner and reserve your Royal Thai massage as soon as possible. Your body and mind will be grateful.

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Traditional Thai massage is a treatment carried out more than two thousand years almost unchanged. By pressing the acupressure points, muscles and tendons it helps to relieve pain, stiffness and tension. It stretches the limbs, spine, improves the mobility of joints and strengthens the nervous system. Under the care of a professional Thai therapists you will experience complete relaxation and regeneration. Thai massage will restore your inner balance.

General Conditions

Activity is for both men and women from 15 years.

Weather conditions

This activity is indoor, so there is no dependance on weather.


Massage itself takes 90 minutes. You also spend some time changing clothes etc, so total time can be up to 100 minutes.

Participants and Spectators

Activity is for one person only. You can check our website for a pair massage. No audience possible, as we want to ensure confidentiality and the convenience of the customer.

Dress recommendations

There is no need of clothing. Robe, towel and toiletries will be lent on site.


Praha 2, Italská 5

How to get there

TAXI / Car

As this activity takes place near the city center, we recommend taking a taxi rather than going by car, as you can find it difficult to find parking space.

TAXI price is aproximately 12 EUR (cca 300,- CZK) from Prague centre.

Public transport

The location of this activity is close to the subway stop "Náměstí Míru"on the green line "A". For more information see Google maps.

Travel time from city center: around 10 minutes, Ticket price: 1 EUR (24,-CZK) per a ticket.

On foot

If you would like to have a walk, it is about 20 minutes to get there from the very centre of Prague. For details see Google maps.

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