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Tantra massage experience in Prague


Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

Tantra massage Prague

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The tantric massage is based on old tantric and thaoistic techniques, on the power of bioenergy and reflexology. The tantra massage not only eases stress and tension, as you can probably guess. During this tantric massage experience your whole body will become awaken, but what more - your whole body will become aroused. Sexually aroused, oh yes. The playful and variegated tantra experience unlocks the door to the meditative level of  enjoyment in the area of erotica.
And how does it work? At the beginning the massage therapist gets you relaxed. After that  comes the sensuous and arousing genitalia massage. And what´s the best - the arousment and sexual energy then expands to your entire body. You surely have never felt anything like that before.
We offer tantric massages for men as well as for women, you can also come with your partner and enjoy a special tantric massage for couples. The extraordinary tantric experience takes place in the sacred atmosphere of respect to the client. All your questions and possible concerns can be discussed at the outset.

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During the welcome initial interview, you have the space to express your wishes and concerns. During a private massage, you flex and relax your whole body and then it continues to be an exciting and sensual massage lingam / yoni (genitals). Awaken sexual energy is distributed throughout the body. Excitement, pleasure and power are not experienced only by genitals, but by the entire body. Orgasm, as well as its absence are welcome - you are not exposed to any pressure of expectations. In a kind of sacred atmosphere of respect for you and your experience, you can fully enjoy this extraordinary event. Tantric massage in Prague has a firm ritual framework and does not include sexual intercourse.

General Conditions

Designed for men and women 18 years and older. Please note that you can get into very intimate moments with your partner.


Massage takes 1,5 hours.

Participants and Spectators

No audience possible - due to the nature of the procedure and to ensure confidentiality and the convenience of the pair.

Weather conditions

Weather has no effect, massages take place indoors.

Dress recommendations

There is no need of specific clothing. Everything you need will be provided on site.


Praha 5, Na Čečeličce 5

How to get there

TAXI / Car

As this activity takes place near city centre, we recommend you to get taxi there rather than going by car, as you can find it difficult to find parking space.

TAXI price is under 12 EUR (cca 300,- CZK) from Prague centre.

Public transport

You can easily get to the place by public transport. For details check Google maps.

Travel time: around 15 minutes, Ticket price: 1,5 EUR (32,-CZK) per ticket.


On foot

This activity takes place not far from city centre so you can have 30 minutes walk to take your massage. For details see Google maps

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