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Autumn in Prague - tips & highlights

Autumn is just the right time to come to Prague to enjoy sightseeing without getting a sunstroke and to enjoy the grape harvest. Wine lovers will have the time of their life!


Autumn in Prague

Autumn is a fantastic season for discovering Prague


Getting tired of the city? Join us for a day trip from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland for some hiking.

Want to try? Order your own hiking experience.


Czech cooking

Autumn is the best season for culinary experiences. Order a Czech tasting menu paired with local wines and see for yourself if you like dumplings or Svíčková.Want to try? Order your own Czech tasting menu experience.

Beer tour

Even though it´s wine season, the great beer is still here too. Enjoy beer tasting from local microbreweries and find your favourite brand. Want to try? Order your own Prague beer tour.

River cruise

Autumn is ideal for river cruises. See the city from another point of view and embark on a romantic cruise on the Vltava river.Want to try? Order your own Prague river cruise

Autumn in Prague

Enjoy magnificent views in autumn. It is still quite warm and the weather is stable enough to enjoy your stay. Get more information about the climate in Prague

September in Prague is full of wine

September is the harvest time for most Czech and Moravian wine growers so the whole republic is celebrating the year's produce turnout with many wine festivals, concerts and wine related events. The best thing is to get right to the source - take a trip to south Moravia, get into an authetic Moravian wine cellar and enjoy drinks while a traditional dulcimer band is playing.

TIP: Taste burčák - a special type of partially fermented wine juice that is very popular for its unexpected effects. You never know what is just the right amount before you feel totally wasted.

October in Prague in the name of art and design

While most of the Czech population is overwhelmed by drinking wine, the arts scene is slowly awaking to prepare some great exhibitions and shows for the public. Visit the Prague Design blok to seeworks of tens of Czech architects, designers and studios or enjoy the one of a king Signal festival, when the city's monuments serve as a canvas for video mapping artists and VJs.

November in Prague - celebrate freedom on the Czech national holiday

November is the time to celebrate the nation´s farewell to communism and the undemocratic regime, that suffocated the Czechs for nearly 50 years. The 17th of November is a national holiday and the day when the Velvet revolution started to unroll - a good time to join the celebrations in the streets or have a beer with some of the comtemporary witnesses. Visit the Museum of Communism to get an idea of the communist era in the Czech lands.

The weather is great and the art scene is pulsing - visit Prague in autumn and team up with ActiveCzech.com to arrange some great activities for you and your fellows!

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