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Best pubs in Prague

Prague is “the” pub city of continental Europe and it would be a sin not to experience the unique atmosphere of Old Town pubs and the taste of freshly drawn beer.


Beer tour

Taste as many great beers as possible and join us for a beer tour around Prague´s microbreweries. Want to try? Order your own Prague beer tour.

Czech tasting menu with wine pairing

Interested in traditional Czech dishes and Bohemian and Moravian wines? Treat yourself to a Czech tasting menu paired with local wines.Want to try? Order your own Czech tasting menu experience.

Beer spa

In Prague you can drink beer and bathe in it at the same time. Visit the famous Prague beer spa and feel the beautifying effects.Want to try? Order your own Prague beer spa experience.

Medieval tavern

Ever wondered how they partied in the Middle Ages? See for yourself at the Prague medieval tavern. Want to try? Order your own medieval tavern experience.

Traditional Czech pubs

Oldschool Czech pubs, that are worth a visit, are located mainly around Národní třída and Wenceslas Square. The famous pubs like “U Pinkasů”, “U Medvídků” and “U Fleků” are among the most popular, with the latter one providing special weekend dinner shows imitating the Old Prague cabarets of the First Republic.
If you wish to avoid tourists and see something really authentic, we recommend to ask for the nearby pub“U Jelínků”. This tiny pub is filled with cigarette smoke from top to bottom and the waitress is bringing one beer after another at a deadly rate.

Original concept pubs and pub crawls

If smoky old pubs aren´t your cup of tea (or your pint of beer) check out new original pub concepts. The Lokál restaurant chain offers a retro atmosphere with an all day selection of traditional dishes and damn good Pilsen beer. “The Pub” concept lets you draw your beer by yourself - taps are right in the middle of your table and you can compete with other tables and other pubs around the republic in who can drink the most.
Microbreweries with their own signature pubs are also becoming more and more popular. The best way how to taste as many different types of beer is to embark on amicrobrewery pub tour combining tasting and education in the art of brewing. Popular Prague pub crawls are also a way how to experience Prague's pubs and clubs - we especially recommend the Žižkov quarter pub crawl.

Best bars in Prague

Tired of all the beer? Order a cocktail or a glass of absinth in one of the best bars in Prague. The best cocktail place is definitely the Bugsy´s bar inspired by the American prohibiton era, a stylish place to have a glass of whisky offers the Hemingway bar or the Balcony bar with a nice view from its terrace. Absinth can be enjoyed in style at the Prague Absintherie located in Jilská street, where you can choose from Czech and French absinths with up to 35 mg/l of thujone.
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