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Best restaurants in Prague

Czechs love to eat and drink well, that´s for sure. Let us show you around and highlight the best places to eat in Prague.


Czech tasting menu with wine pairing

Want ot taste some Czech culinary specialities? Order a typical Czech tasting menu with wine pairing.Want to try? Order your own Czech tasting menu experience.

Medieval tavern

Ever wondered how the people of medieval times used to dine? See for youself and taste some original recipes from the era.Want to try? Order your own medieval tavern experience.

Cooking class & farmer's market

Learn to cook Czech traditional dishes under the guidance of a skilled chef. Follow him to a local farmer´s market to get the necessary ingredients.Want to try? Order your own Czech cuisine cooking class.

Beer tour

A visit to Prague wouldn´t be complete without beer tasting. Join us for a beer tour through local microbreweries.Want to try? Order your own Prague beer tour.

Jazz & dine

Some say that Prague by night surpasses the beauty of Prague by daylight. Mix it with great food and music aboard the Prague Jazz boat.

Want to try? Order your own Prague Jazz boat cruise.

Czech traditonal cuisine

You´ve come to Prague so it´s time to taste some traditional dishes. The best place to go concerning the selection of traditional meals, the value for money and good Pilsen beer is the Kolkovna restaurants chain with 7 restaurants across Prague. The interiors and wooden panelling will charm you. Order a roasted duck or the popular Svíčková.

Another chain concentrating on traditional food and great beer are the Lokál restaurants. The decoration is deliberately inspired by the communist era, but the food and service is just superb. Have Rajská, Sekaná or popular beer snacks like Utopenec, Tlačenka and Talián.
If you wish to experience how Czechs used to eat in the medieval times, step back in time and enter Prague´s medieval tavern with all that comes along - jugglers, a cheeky publican and no behavior at the table at all.

Michelin restaurants in Prague

For those who only settle for the best, Prague has 3 Michelin restaurants to choose from. The first one is the Alcron restaurant located in the Radisson Blu hotel with Roman Paulus as chef. The Art Deco restaurant offers you degustation menus with wine pairing and popular Saturday and Sunday brunches.

The second Michelin restaurant in Prague is La Degustation Boheme Burgeoise with chef Oldřich Sahajdák. The unique menu concept tries to awake your senses one after another by specially designed courses where always one flavour plays the key role.

The newest member of the Michelin club in Prague is the Field restaurant with chef Radek Kašpárek. The menu and serving are inspired by the origin of the ingredients - fields and forests.

Nevermind if you choose value for money or top-notch Michelin dining. Prague will enchant all your senses. Check out what amazing gourmet experiences has ActiveCzech.com prepared for you.


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