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Active life and Nightlife

Let us show you around the best party places in Prague. Jump into Prague´s nightlife like it´s the end of the world!

Prague is one of the best places to live because of the large green areas throughout the city, that invite the locals to enjoy sports and outdoor activities just steps from their homes and offices. Try out some of the most popular ones that will spice up your stay in Prague.

Experience classic Prague activities so as some unconventional ones - supersport driving or escaping from a locked room. ActiveCzech.com is here to assist you when planning your Prague experience.

Uncover the more exciting face of Prague and mix the traditional sightseeing with adrenaline activities, supercar driving and the pulsing nightlife. ActiveCzech.com will be your guide.

Explore hidden bistros so as 3 Prague Michelin stars restaurants. The best restaurants in Prague are awaiting your reservation.

What would be a visit to Prague without beer, pubs and bars? Try out or tips for best pubs and bars in Prague and have a great time.

You love to run and race? Sign up for Prague Marathon and enjoy a run surrounded by the beauties of Prague.

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