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Must see things in Prague

There are “must sees” in Prague that are without question - Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle - but we´ve highlighted some extra tips that you might not find on the front pages of guidebooks.



National monument on Vítkov hill. Find more information here.

Cross Club

Cross Club - Holešovice district, Prague 7

River cluise

Check out Prague and its beauties from a different perspective - on a river cruise passing all the interesting sights. Want to try? Order your own Prague river cruise.

Beer spa

Enjoying beer as a beverage and using it for beautifying purposes meets in this cool beer spa relaxing experience.Want to try? Order your own beer spa experience.

Medieval tavern Prague

Party like in the Middle Ages!  Enter Prague´s medieval tavern, feast on authentic recipes and behave like you had no behavior at all.Want to try? Order your medieval feast experience.

National monument on Vítkov hill

This might sound boring at first, but wait till you get there.The huge statue of Jan Žižka, the3rd largest bronze equestrian statue in the world, will greet you before you enter the building itself.Inside you´ll find ceremonial halls that are used during Czech national holidays and in the basement the “crown jewel” of the complex - the chamber where the 1st communist presidentKlement Gottwald was embalmedandkept, before his corpse started to decompose so strikingly, that even the Soviet experts couldn´t help. Really chilling!

Cross club in Holešovice

Mechanical machines that blink with various colours, moving antennas, walls covered with metal pieces of art and agenuine steampunk atmosphere- that´s the Cross music club in Holešovice. Concerts and DJs every day, fun till late night and an originally designed outdoor beer garden attract visitors from around the globe. Join the party!

Old waste water treatment plant in Bubeneč

Explore Prague´s underground and its sewers during this original tour. The closed down waste water treatment plant in Bubeneč is not only a favourite spot for shooting movies, but also a fascinating place to get familiar with industrial history. The author of the Prague sewerage system was no one else than the famous William Heerlain Lindly  - the same man who designed the sewerage systems of Warsaw, Baku and Lodz and is responsible for many projects in his home country, England, as well.
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Jetpack experience Prague

Jetpack experience Prague

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Bungee jumping from a bridge

Bungee jumping from a bridge

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