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Prague activities

Experience classic Prague activities so as some unconventional ones - supersport driving or escaping from a locked room. ActiveCzech.com is here to assist you when planning your Prague experience.


Prague river cruise

Ride a steamboat or a private boat to see the beauties hidden along the banks of the Vltava river. Choose a gongola to explore Prague´s Venice.Want to try? Order your own Prague river cruise.


Rent the supercar you´ve allways dreamed of and learn to control it under the guidance of skilled racers and driving instructors.Want to try? Order your own supercar driving experience.

Escape rooms

Test your wits and escape from a locked room. Solve puzzles, find the key and cooperate with your buddies.Want to try? Order your own escape room experience.

Sightseeing flight

Prague is even more enchanting when you see it from above. Take a trip to see the meandres of Vltava river and the castles of Central Bohemia.  Want to try? Order your own sightseeing flight.


Your legs hurt from all the sight-hopping? Take a Segway tour and see everything much faster and with much more fun.Want to try? Order your own Prague Segway tour.

Cooking course focusing on Czech traditional dishes

Are you a foodie, an amatuer cook or you just like to explore what other nations like to munch on? Sign up for a cooking course focusing on Czech traditional dishes. Want to try? Order your own Czech cuisine cooking course.

Beer spa

Prague wouldn´t be complete without its beer! Enjoy this traditional beverage in an unusual setting - in the Prague beer spa. Want to try? Order your own beer spa experience.

Prague river cruises

Enjoy the Hradčany panorama from a classic Czech steamboat orembark on a romantic river cruise, where dinner is served and the band plays at your table. Party boats leave the dock every evening too and lovers of close contact with the water may go for a paddle boat ride. A visit to Prague wouldn´t be complete without sailing the Vltava river.

Prague Segway tours

Another way how to survive sightseeing in a city so densely filled with historical monuments are the popular Segway tours. But you don´t have to just crisscross the city center, special routes will take toother interesting parts of town, such asi Letná or Malá Strana.

Sightseeing flights over and around Prague

A great way to see not just Prague, but also thecastles and beauties of Central Bohemia is to arrange a sightseeing flight. Choose a route of your interest or take the most popular one, that will show you the Karlštejn and Orlík castles. Couples can go for ahot air balloon flightat sunrise or sunset.

Supercar driving experiences in Prague

A stylish way how to get around Prague or more probably its racing circuits and airports is to rent a supercar - a Lambo, an Aston Martin, a Porsche… you name it. If you prefer to be driven around, Prague is well-known for itsvintage car sightseeing tourswith old Škoda cars.

Prague = Escape room metropolis

Czechs love to play games, so they´ve fully embraced the emerging escape room trend. Now you can choose from hundreds of themes and venues - some right in the heart of historic Prague and others in industrial spaces further from the city centre.
Which activities will you choose during your Prague stay? Get inspired by the adventures we´ve prepared for you at ActivCzech.com.

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Hummer driving Prague

Hummer driving Prague

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Indoor surfing arena Prague

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Escape room Prague

Escape room Prague

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