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Prague for car nuts

You love cars and want to enjoy some car-related activities while visiting the Czech Republic? You´ve come to the right place, Czechs are car nuts as well! Car and motorcycle races and supercar driving experiences are awaiting you.


Supercar experiences

Looking for something special to experience while in Prague? Car lovers will be thrilled by our supercar driving experiences.


Are you a fan of off road driving? How about a ride in the legendary Hummer H2 with an instructor who will show you tricks how to tame the dirt road.Want to try? Order your own Hummer driving experience.

Tank driving

Ever been inside a real tank? Now you have the opportunity with ActiveCzech.com. Drive a T-55 or T-73 tank under the guidance of a skilled military instructor.Want to try? Order your own tank driving experience.

Porsche driving

Looking for a supercar driving experience like no other? Try driving the newest Porsche Boxter - the 2-seat roadster with a maximum of 250 km/h.Want to try? Order your own luxury car driving experience.

Formula 1

Become a Formula 1 racer for an hour with our unique Formula 1 simulator driving experience. Want to try? Order your own Formula 1 simulator experience.

Grand Prix of the Czech Republic 2016 in Brno

The biggest auto-moto event of the year in the Czech Republic is definitely the Grand Prix held annually at the Brno automotodrom. The event takes place in August and a 3-day ticket to the MotoGP costs about 70 euro. The most popular way of accommodation is camping on the premises and you can book a spot right by the circuit.  

Semi-legal supercar races: Gumball and Diamond Race

Proud supersport car owners like to show off there powerful machines during semi-legal races. The DIAMOND RACE is an extravagant charity race with 3 diamonds as the main prizes. Every year the route is different, but this year´s race started in June from Prague with the finish line in Budapest. You have to pay about 2500 euro to enter the race and prepare some more cash for speed tickets. Prague is also a popular stop of the more famous supercar race - Gumball 3000.

Unorthodox driving experiences: drive a tank or a combat vehicle

Anybody can drive a car or a motorcycle, but driving a tank is really something. The military area of Milovice has a vast collection of military vehicles - a T-55 and T-72 tank, various combat vehicles and specially adjusted off-road cars and quad bikes. Sign up for a military action day or an army training experience, where you´ll be able to drive all these giants while getting tips from real-life soldiers.
Car nuts will have the time of their life in the Czech Republic. Check out what driving activities has ActiveCzech.com prepared for them.

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Hummer driving Prague

Hummer driving Prague

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Humvee driving Prague

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