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The Prague Marathon and other activities for runners

Prague in not only known for its marvelous historical sights, but also for its marathon with a 20-year tradition. Formerly known as the Prague International Marathon, now are all its events and activities united under the brand RunCzech. The Prague Marathon is held annually in May, last time the event took place under the name Volkswagen Prague Marathon.


Prague Marathon

The Prague Marathon has a 20-year tradition.

Indoor surfing

The Czech Republic doesn´t have a seashore, but that doesn´t mean you can´t learn how to surf while in Prague. The Prague surf arena is the place to go.Want to try? Order your own indoor surfing experience.


Love sports? Try something new with our flyboard experience, that will let to move above and under the water surface lika dolphin.Want to try? Order your own flyboarding experience.


Tired after a day full of sporting activities? Give yourself a break at the Tawan Thai massage studio. Want to try? Order your own Thai massage in Prague.

Tandem skydiving

Looking for adrenaline while in Prague? Sign up for a tandem skydiving experience with a skilled instructor helping you land safe and sound.Want to try? Order your own tandem skydiving experience.

Chocolate massage

Looking for some relax after an active day? Explore the regenerating power of chocolate!Want to try? Order your own chocolate massage in Prague.

The Prague Half Marathon

Due to the fact, that running and finishing a marathon is indeed a hard thing to accomplish, the Prague Half Marathon became very popular. And you don´t even have to run over 20 km to enjoy a nice day full of running in Prague - there arespecial races for women, kids and teamsso everyone can sign up for the race he fancies. A true treat are night runs organized by RunCzech - fresh air and Prague all lit up truly inspire to higher performance.

Marathon events outside Prague

RunCzech organizes marathons all around the Czech Republic - this year the half marathon will take place in Karlovy Vary, České Budějovice, Olomouc and Ústí nad Labem.

Since running became so popular, you can choose from hundreds of running events all year round with different themes - runs along the Vltava river, relay races across the republic and much more.
But what about those who don´t like running or can´t for medical reasons? They can have a great time at the legendary Praha-Prčice march leading from Prage to the South Bohemian town of Prčice. It is also held in May and the longest route you can choose has 65 kilometers.

Coming to Prague? ActiveCzech.com will be your partner when it comes to an active vacation full of sporting activities on the ground, on water or in the air.

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Tandem skydiving Prague

Tandem skydiving Prague

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Indoor surfing arena Prague

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Flyboarding Prague

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