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Sport and outdoor in Prague

Prague is one of the best places to live because of the large green areas throughout the city, that invite the locals to enjoy sports and outdoor activities just steps from their homes and offices. Try out some of the most popular ones that will spice up your stay in Prague.



Want to feel like a superhero for a while? Try this fun new activity - a jetpack experience that will take you high above the water surface. Don´t forget your swimsuit!Want to try? Order your own jetpack experience.


Always wanted to try wakeboarding? Go for the hoverboard instead! Use your balance and ride through and above the waves.  Want to try? Order your own hoverboard experience.


When you combine water and a flyboard, magic starts to happen - in minutes you will be flying like a real superhero!Want to try? Order your own flyboard experience.


Capture the flag in one of many local paintball and airsoft arenas. Want to try? Order your own paintball experience.

military experience

Would you like to drive a tank or undergo authetic SWAT training? The former military area of Milovice has an army inspired activity for the whole family.Want to try? Order your own military experience.

Bodyzorbing and bubble football in Prague

Feel like doing something crazy? How about wearing an inflated plastic ball and playing bubble football?

Want to try? Order your own bodyzorbing and bubble football experience in Prague.

Water fun with jetpacks, flyboards and hoverboards

The location on the Vltava river offers tourists and locals many water sporting activities. Czechs love to paddleboat, but aren´t afraid of the newest gadgets as well. Try the jetpack that will take you highabove the water surface using pressurized water, or the flyboard and hoverboard functioning similarly but resembling a wakeboard.

Paintball and airsoft in Prague

A great way how to blow of steam is to arrange a paintball or airsoft match with your buddies. Prague has many outdoor and indoor arenas to play and if you feel like trying a real gun after this practice, Prague shooting ranges are here for you. TIP! Arrange ashooting experience with historical firearms from an era of your choice.

Military experiences in the nearby area of Milovice

A whole new world of army inspired adventure awaits you at the former military area of Milovice. Try off road driving, drive a real tank or a combat vehicle, test the legendary Humvee, ride a quad bike in rough terrain and feel like a soldier for a day.

Golf in Prague

If you are looking for a calmer sport, Prague and its vicinity have a lot of stylish golf courses and indoor and outdoor teeing grounds. Zbraslav, Hodkovičky or Chateau St. Havel in Krč - those are just examples of popular golfing venues. Enjoy a game and then head off for a tasty lunch at their great adjoining restaurants. Most of the golf courses also offer a variety of wellness activities to Thai massage after an active day outside.
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