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The ultimate Prague experience

Uncover the more exciting face of Prague and mix the traditional sightseeing with adrenaline activities, supercar driving and the pulsing nightlife. ActiveCzech.com will be your guide.


Free fall simulator

Try skydiving and all the fun that you can have during a free fall - but on the ground and 100% safe with the skydiving simulator.Want to try? Order your own free fall simulator experience.

Indoor surfing

Indoor surfing - is that even possible? It is at the Prague surfing arena. Learn how to surf and spend a fun afternoon in the waves whatever the weather is like outside.Want to try? Order your own indoor surfing experience.


Want to feel like a superhero for a while? Try this fun new activity - a jetpack experience that will take you high above the water surface. Don´t forget your swimsuit!Want to try? Order your own jetpack experience.


Always wanted to try wakeboarding? Go for the hoverboard instead! Use your balance and ride through and above the waves.  Want to try? Order your own hoverboard experience.


When you combine water and a flyboard, magic starts to happen - in minutes you will be flying like a real superhero!Want to try? Order your own flyboard experience.


Rent the supercar you´ve allways dreamed of and learn to control it under the guidance of skilled racers and driving instructors.Want to try? Order your own supercar driving experience.

Cooking course focusing on Czech traditional dishes

Are you a foodie, an amatuer cook or you just like to explore what other nations like to munch on? Sign up for a cooking course focusing on Czech traditional dishes.   Want to try? Order your own Czech cuisine cooking course.

Beer spa

Prague wouldn´t be complete without its beer! Enjoy this traditional beverage in an unusual setting - in the Prague beer spa. Want to try? Order your own beer spa experience.

Bungee jumping and free fall simulator

Prague and its vicinity offer many opportunities for bungee jumping and skydiving, but maybe you´d prefer to start off with practicing on a free fall simulator. This fun experience will let you try all the tricks and get tips from instructors while staying 100% safe.

Water fun and Prague´s surf arena

The Vltava river is now home to some new, crazy adrenaline sporting equipment - theflyboard, the hoverboardand the jetpack. Instructors will show you how to control each of these and up you go into the air above the water surface.

Supercars and unusual vehicles

Local racing circuits, airports and even the streets of the city welcome supercar fans for a test drive of various models. But a true speciality is the possibility to rent a military vehicle - thelegendary Humvee, several types of combat vehicles and even a real tank in the nearby military area of Milovice! Local off road tracks are ideal for perfecting your driving skills.

Prague nightlife

End your active day at one of Prague´s legendary nightclubs. If you´re looking for entertainment with an erotic hint, do not miss the Darling Cabaret or the Prague Showpark. Lovers of electronic genres and steampunk aesthetics mustn’t miss the Cross club and hip-hop and world music fans should head to Roxy.
And that´s not nearly everything Prague has to offer. See what other great activities we´ve prepared for you at ActiveCzech.com.

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Prague shooting range

Prague shooting range

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Hummer driving Prague

Hummer driving Prague

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Beer tour Prague

Beer tour Prague

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Indoor surfing arena Prague

Indoor surfing arena Prague

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