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Things to do around Prague

Prague´s vicinity has much to offer - medieval castles, adrenaline adventures and activities for military fans. And that´s not everything from the things to do around Prague by far. Let us be your guide.


Outside Prague

Beautiful landscape outside Prague

military experience

You don´t have to join the army to have a try at driving a real tank. Sign up for this unique military experience and get some tips from trained army personnel.Want to try? Order your own military experience and drive a tank.


Looking for a rough, yet fun activity for you and your buddies? Sign up for a SWAT training experience and find out how these elite forces deal with bad guys.Want to try? Order your own SWAT training experience.


Want to feel like a superhero for a while? Try this fun new activity - a jetpack experience that will take you high above the water surface. Don´t forget your swimsuit!Want to try? Order your own jetpack experience.

Sightseeing flight

Exploring Czech castles on foot isn´t your cup of tea? Check them out from above on a sightseeing flight dedicated to Central Bohemia or choose a route of your preference.Want to try? Order your own sightseeing flight.


UNESCO village Holašovice is located in the south of the Czech Republic about 160 km from Prague.


A chapel with vineyard near Velké Bílovice, Morava.


Křivoklát town and castle is located 50 km west of Prague

Adrenaline adventures in the air and on water

Get out of the city centre especially if you´re looking for some original adrenaline activities - bungee jumping, piloting a plane, flyboarding, hoverboarding or a thrilling jetpack experience. Here you can enjoy large and less crowded water areas like Slapy and Orlík and smaller airports that specialize in private aviation. An extraordinary activity praised by many is theTEPfaktor experience imitating the famous Fort Boyard game.

Military experiences in the area of Milovice

The former military area of Milovice now serves as a “playground” for all army experience lovers. If you´ve ever dreamed ofdriving a tank and military vehicles that served in various world conflicts - this is the place to be. Enjoy an army experience day with your whole family or take a bunch of pals for a SWAT training experience.

Medieval castles and romantic ruins

Did you know, that the most popular Czech castle Karlštejn is just 30 minutes from Prague´s centre by train? And so are many others -Křivoklát, Krakovec, Točník, Žebrák or Mníšek pod Brdy. Combine the visit with a little hike through theCzech “America” and the Berounka river valley - explore hidden passages left by miners or the famous Koněprusy caves.

Sightseeing and balloon flights over Central Bohemia

You prefer to observe the landmarks from above? Czechs are plane and flying enthusiasts, so the offer of sightseeing flights is massive. Choose the exact area of your interest or a popular route. Coming to Prague with your loved one? Go for a romantic hot air balloon flight and watch the sun go down holding hands hundreds of meters above the beauties of the Czech Republic.

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Hot air balloon flight

Hot air balloon flight

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Bungee jumping from a bridge

Bungee jumping from a bridge

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