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What to do in Prague in August

In August, people start returning from their vacations and Prague gets repopulated by locals. The culture scene in preparing for another season, so make use of our tips and check out what Prague has to offer besides historical monuments.


water skiing

The weather is hot and you need your daily dose of adrenalin? Put on waterskis and show the girls on the shore what you´re made of. Want to try? Order your own waterskiing experience.

Balloon flight

Try sightseeing from a new perspective and hop into the hot air balloon's basket! 

Enjoy your own hot air balloon experience.


Feel like Marty McFly and try to master the art of hoverboarding on water.

Want to try? Order your own hoverboard experience

Beer Bike

Coming to Prague with a bunch of friends? Move around the city on your very own beer bike.

Want to try? Order your own beer bike experience.


Getting tired of the city? Join us for a day trip from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland for some hiking.

Want to try? Order your own hiking experience.

Indoor surfing

The weather looks bad but you´d like to enjoy some water fun? Check out the absolutely unique indoor surfing arena. Want to try? Order your own extreme indoor surfing experience.

Average August temperature in Prague: 26ºC / 78ºF

Don't forget to pack: sunglasses, swimsuit, hat, a jacket for colder evenings, both good walking shoes and sandals

Events in Prague in August

One of the most original events in Prague is the Letní Letná festival focusing on the phenomenon of Cirque Nouveau. Step into one of many circus tents and watch clowns, acrobats, dancers, cabaretiers and actors, that prepared tens of magical shows. Don't miss the opening grand parade that weaves through the streets of Old Town.

When speaking of parades, if you are a member of the LGBT community or you just wish to support the rights of this group of citizens, don't miss the colourful Prague Pride parade organized annually since 2008.

Another great opportunity to enjoy a unique atmosphere will definitely be the Goo Goo Dolls concert on the 12th of August in Lucerna Music Bar.


Great events outside Prague

The city of Brno hosts one of the most massive events for motorcycle lovers - the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic. Book your tickets well in advance and prepare for a day and night full of engine revving.

Are you a heavy metal fan? Then don't miss one of the biggest metal fests in Central Europe - the Brutal Assault held in the unique ambience of an old fort at Jaroměř.

You prefer history to motors and metalheads? Enjoy the enchanting Wallenstein festival in the lovely town of Cheb reenacting the last days of one of the richest and most powerful men of the Czech kingdom in the 17th century. 

Active August in Prague

The weather in August is perfect for swimming and you don't have to go out of the city to cool down. Visit the legendary lido of Žluté lázně with a beach and concerts every evening or rent a paddle boat or rowing boat and visit all Prague's islands with various attractions.

The weather sucks? Nevermind. Enjoy surfing at an indoor surfing arena in Prague.

Wish to see more than just Prague? Sign up for our day trips to Bohemian Switzerland, do some hiking and enjoy fresh air in one of the most beautiful Czech national parks.

TOP 3 things to do in Prague in August

  • Letní Letná: This festival will wake your imagination and your child within. Sit back and watch marvelous artists of the Cirque Nouveau.

  • Prague Pride: Join the parade and enjoy a day of music, workshops and tolerance.

  • Alfons Mucha: The famous Slav Epic is Back in Prague

Handpicked events in August

International Music Festival of Český Krumlov

Free concerts and events on Střelecký ostrov

Čajomír fest - OpenAir Tea festival

Flea Market on Board the Avoid



Exhibition: Czech Cubism

Pardubice wine festival


For more events visit:

August events (by CzechTourism.com)

August events (by the official tourist website for Prague - Prague.eu)




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