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What to do in Prague in July

July is the month, when most of the locals move to their summer houses or for vacations abroad. Prague is therefore mainly occupied by tourists, but don't think about the crowds and hot weather - try some original activities, that will make you enjoy Prague in July in style.


Summer activities

The Vltava river gives you many opportunities to try out some new sports or relax.

Summer in Prague

Here are some tips on how to spend a great summer in Prague.


The weather is hot and you need your daily dose of adrenalin? Rent your own jetpack and watch your friends go “wow”!

Want to try? Order your own jetpack experience.


Prosecco bike

Beer is not your cup of tea? :-) Hop on our prosecco bike and ride around like a queen.

Want to try? Order your own prosecco bike experience.


Jazz boat

Looking for a romantic evening activity with your loved one? Embark on the Jazz and Dine boat and enjoy a great meal, drinks, music and the magical view.

Beer Bike

Coming to Prague with a bunch of friends? Move around the city on your very own beer bike.

Want to try? Order your own beer bike experience.



Feel like Marty McFly and try to master the art of hoverboarding.

Want to try? Order your own hoverboard experience.



Getting tired of the city? Join us for a day trip from Prague to Bohemian Switzerland for some hiking.

Average July temperature in Prague: 20ºC / 65ºF

Don't forget to pack: sunglasses, swimsuit, hat, sunscreen, a light sweater for the evenings

Events in Prague in July

July is holiday time for the Czechs, so there isn't very much going on in Prague that's not designed especially for tourists. Locals therefore visit summer festivals around the Czech Republic - let's name the most popular ones - the Karlovy Vary International film festival held in the beautiful spa town a 2 hour drive from Prague, the Rock for People music festival, Mighty Sounds, Masters of Rock or Colours of Ostrava in the unique industrial area of Dolní Vítkovice Ostrava.

Staying in Prague? Visit one of the concerts during Bohemia Jazz Fest. They are held on town squares all around the republic including Prague and free of charge.

If you wish to become familiar with historical music, visit the The Summer Festivities of Early Music till early August. You´ll love the beautiful settings of the concerts in former royal palaces and churches.

Spending time actively in Prague in July

Make use of the weather and sign up for some Prague summer activities. Rent a paddle boat at the Žofín Island on the Vltava river and observe the sights right from the water. Looking for a nice swim? Take a tram to Podolí and spend a great afternoon at the Žluté lázně lido with pubs, restaurants and a sandy beach.

Looking for something wild? Sign up for a fun rafting experience through Prague, try the hoverboarding experience, the powerful water jetpack or wakeboard, go flyboarding or waterskiing. All can be arranged through ActiveCzech.com.

Keeping hydrated during Prague's summer

You've come to relax and all the commotion around the sighs annoys you? Jump on our beer bike and ride with your friends through Letná park while drinking cool Czech beer. The ladies may go for the prosecco bike experience and your whole entourage can have a great time during a microbrewery beer tour or aboard a jazz boat with a tasty dinner, drinks and a band playing while you watch the lights of the Prague panorama.

Looking for an adrenalin, adventurous, romantic, relaxing or culinary experience while in Prague? ActiveCzech.com is here to keep you entertained.

TOP 3 things to do in Prague in July

1. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: Though not in Prague, everyone should experience this festival at least once in a life time. Both great and bizarre movies, parties till morning and an atmosphere like no other.


2. Exploring Prague parks: Take your friends or your loved one for a stroll through the most beautiful Prague parks - Letná, Stromovka or Riegerovy sady, have a picnic and some chilled beers.


3. Bohemia Jazz Fest: Enjoy jazz performers from all around the world at many outdoor venues.

Handpicked events in July

For more events visit:

July events (by CzechTourism.com)

July events (by the official tourist website for Prague - Prague.eu)



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