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What to do in Prague in March

Spring is knocking at the door, but you still can't be sure if it's going to be sunny or freezing as hell. We've selected both some typical and original March activities that will make your stay in Prague as fun and exciting as possible.


Shooting range

The weather looks gloomy and you´re looking for an unorthodox experience? Get familiar with the most common types of guns and hit the bull´s eye at the Prague shooting range.

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indoor surfing

You don´t have to go to Hawai to catch a perfect wave. Check out the indoor surfing arena while in Prague.

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Beer tour

Taste the best beers from Prague´s microbreweries and learn all about the traditional way of brewing in the Czech lands.

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Beer bike

Drinking beer can be even more fun when consuming it on a beer bike with your friends. Have a pint and do some exercise pedalling while at it.

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Beer spa

Still not tired from all the beer? Then the next step is to soak in it in an especially designed bath with a tap attached right to it.

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Average March temperature in Prague: 4,5ºC / 40,1ºF

Don't forget to pack: a lot of layers - a jacket, sweater and long sleeve T-shirts

Events in Prague in March

Cultural events in March in Prague are in the name of cinema - visit the freaky Shockproof Film Festival at Kino Aero at Žižkov and enjoy several days of B and C horror movies. 

Another popular event is the FEBIOFEST focusing on the best films of the year, which takes place in modern multiplex cinemas around Prague and is followed by the FEBIOFEST MUSIC FESTIVAL showcasing world music, jazz, blues, avant-garde and alternative rock concerts in the multiplex cinema garages. 

Those who aren't oblivious to human rights will enjoy another popular Czech film festival - One World - focusing on the enviromental, social and political struggles in various countries around the globe. 

Since the weather is getting better, leave the dark screening halls for a while and join hipsters and design lovers for the popular “Dyzajn market” held traditionally in March at the piazetta of the National Theatre, where you can buy original designer clothes, accessories and much more. If you´re really into fashion, don't skip the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion week held in the beautiful ambience of various historical buildings.

Interesting Prague attractions and activities

Looks like a sunny day in Prague? Set out to the Prague exhibiton grounds at “Výstaviště” to have fun on the rides of the annually held “Matějská” fair. Win your loved one a paper rose at a traditional moving tin shooting range, ride the ancient roller coaster and observe Prague from the basket of a giant ferris wheel.

If the weather is still tricky, it's fine to have some more indoor activities in reserve. Especially if you've brought your children to Prague as well, check out the Prague Imaginarium associated with the Prague Wax Museum in the lower part of Wenceslas Square - there is the largest mirror maze in the Czech Republic and a unique caleidoscopic cinema.

Adrenalin and sporting activities around Prague in March

Looking for a place to blow off steam while in Prague? Visit one of Prague's indoor shooting ranges, explore the Prague indoor surfing arena or embark on one of the realistic flight and skydiving simulators.There is a submarine simulator too! 

If wish to get in touch with nature, good news - there is still snow lying on the ski slopes near Prague, so why not spend a great day skiing, snowboarding or ice-climbing. Try extreme bungee jumping from a TV tower or white water rafting. All of these activities are easily arranged through ActiveCzech.com.

Some careful beers outdoors

As you know, Czechs love beer and especially beer consumed outside in their favourite beer garden. But March is sometimes still very chilly, so the locals choose pubs, that offer both outside and inside seating. Check out the Parukářka pub overlooking the Žižkov quarter and the nearby atomic bunker with an original underground bar. 

If you wish to taste as many different types of beer as possible, embark on a Prague beer tour. If you're looking for quantity and an original setting, take your friends for a Prague beer bike experience, that takes place all year round in the beautiful park of Letná. 


Nevermind if it's cold or sunny in Prague - ActiveCzech.com has dozens of activities prepared for you for every weather and mood.


TOP 3 things to do in Prague in March

1. One World 2018: The theme of this year´s festival is “The art of collaboration”. Take part in this one of a kind event and enjoy documentaries, lectures, workshops and concerts around Prague. 

2. Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week: Check out Czech and foreign designers and many accompanying events, for example the special Fashion Week tram route, where designers will be selling their art right in the tram while riding through Prague.

3. St. Matthew´s Fair: Experience pure “Czeckness” at this traditional event. Have a beer, grilled sausage, some candyfloss and then put your stomach to a test on one of the rides.

Handpicked events in March

For more events visit:

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