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Wakeboarding in Prague at the Džbán water reservoir


Wakeboarding in Prague

Wakeboarding in Prague

Wakeboarding in Prague

Wakeboarding in Prague

Wakeboarding in Prague

Wakeboarding in Prague

Enjoy a great summer day at the Džbán water reservoir in Prague and try some original sporting activities. The wakeboard experience is the right choice for those who not only like the speed of water skiing, but also love the jumping and trick making of snowboarding.  
How does it work? A skilled instructor will introduce you to your wakeboard - a board especially designed to ride on water and perform tricks in the air. He will give you some beginner´s tips and of you go for your first test ride. You will be attached to a special cable skiing system that will tow you across the water reservoir and enables higher jumps than with the classic tow boat. After you become sure on the wakeboard, the instructors will prepare a set of obstacles and jumps for you to show off on..The cable skiing system can be adjusted tu your preferences - slower for beginners and faster for experienced wakeboarders. Kids are therefore welcome too and even your granny can give it a try!

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First, you will be given some basic information about this sport, so you can enjoy the ride as much as possible. Then you can already start wakeboarding. The tow (lift) is rented to you for one hour and you will share it with up to 3 other people simultaneously. Board and vests rent is included in the price.

General Conditions

This activity can be performed by any person age 7 or more. Speed of tow can be set according to your skills.

Weather conditions

You can waterboard in almost all weather conditions except storms and strong wind.


One hour on the tow. 

Participants and Spectators

This activity is for one person. Up to 3 more participants can take turns with you. Visitors are welcome to encourage you and take photos.

Dress recommendations

You only need a swimsuit, the rest of the equipment will be loaned.


Praha, Na Džbánu

How to get there

TAXI / Car

Place of activity is easily accessible by car or taxi. See details on Google maps.

CAR: Distance from Prague centre: 11km, travel time: around 30 minutes.

TAXI price is under 10 EUR (cca 250,- CZK) from city centre.

Public transport

This activity takes place on the outskirt of Prague but you can get there by metro and bus easily. See details on Google maps.

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